Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Found another Lynellen

This Lynellen is not me, but I appreciate her art. Her style is similar to mine, and her subject matter is familiar too.

In her photography category, I appreciate her photos of clouds and sunsets. I love taking pictures of clouds and sunsets, as you can see from my SkyWatch participation. I also love that she took pictures of SkyLab Two. I'm a space-nut too.

I love each and every one of her Pen and Ink drawings.

I enjoy her "Stormy Cliffs" and "Tunnel" paintings.

I love her pastel titled "Eye of the Storm".... I love hurricanes, though this one could easily be a cresting ocean wave too. Pastel art is fun too.

She has also decorated cakes with Star Wars images for her loved ones.

I think I'd like to meet this Lynellen some day!

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