Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Drivin' 'round

As my sister once posted about, when we were young (and gas was all of ..what...85 cents a gallon maybe? I remember when gas went over $1 a gallon. Yeah.) and Dad used to like to drive around and look at things after dinner before the sun went down in the summer.

So today after lunch we explored the new construction that's going on all around me. Looks like the Harbor Station development stopped building this wall for some reason. Market downturn? Shortage of stone?
We followed the road further. We went to see the new Catholic school, Pope John Paul the Great, that is opening just down the road. The artist's rendering is on the About page. Here are photos of the actual building. Its very Elvish, very beautiful.

Main entry:
Gym? To the right of the main entry.
End of the building on the right of the main entry. To the right of this photo is the baseball field, and the storm runoff collection pond. Yes, it will be oh so fun to watch a baseball game right next to an active mosquito farm.
To the left of main entry:
Back of the building. Green field there is the soccer field. Football field is to the left, off shot.
Elvish detail repeated on many outside walls, to various sizes. Very nice.

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