Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Book Review: Postsingular, by Rudy Rucker

Here's the review I just posted on Amazon of Rudy Rucker's Postsingular:

I really enjoyed Rucker's early fiction ("Software", "Wetware" and "Freeware"), but then I lost track of him. I was pretty disappointed by Postsingular. After reading it, I learned that it was supposed to be teaching me about parallel worlds, nanotechnology, virtual reality, string theory, quantum physics and other mathematical theories. Okay, looking back I can see that. But at the time I just reminded myself that Rucker had a bizarre imagination or that he had been suckling on the Big Pig's teats too often. After all, the plot line is so full of made up adjectives (jitsy? starky? vibby?), coincidences and randomness that why should I assume that any of the math/physics is based on reality at all? On top of this, there's the heavy slathering of Rucker's world view which includes Gaia worship and the smearing of anyone conservative, "Deep down the religious right wants the world to end. They hate women, and they hate Earth. For them, Gaia is a piece of crap for us to use up. The sooner we destroy her, the sooner we get clean and go to heaven. They're equating the nants to their myth of the rapture, see?" Interestingly the "good guys", the hibraners, are Sikh, practice Tai Chi, and also believe that digital technology is rotten, corrupt, and compromised. It was neat to see my favorite Stargate SG-1 submachine gun, the Belgian P90, featured. Overall a bizarre read that I won't be re-reading.

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