Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Other events of the day

After spending quality time with Tera at the vet, I dropped her off at Beth's house to play with Cassie, Tim, & the baby, while Beth & I went shopping at Costco. It was 101 degrees, according to my car thermometer.
I paid $3.86 to fill up my tank, as compared to $4.05 in the other gas stations nearby. When we came out of the store, the evening's storm was arriving. Here are some pictures of it as it eclipsed the sun.

Here are some other shots, looking off to the side.

Other shots I got today include this neat one of the concrete guard rail on the huge flyover bridge at the mixing bowl. I would not want to be the the vechicle that left these tire marks...its over 100ft down if you drop off the side!

Wish I had had time to get the zoom going..the helicopter is much closer than it appears...I could see the fellas riding in the back seats.

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