Monday, June 02, 2008

The latest flood

Along with the bat story, below, my parents also woke up to a flood in the basement. Again. This time, a pipe burst. In the library. There are probably 16 fully loaded bookcases in there, so the carpet cant be air dried very easily. Dad used their carpet cleaner machine to suck up water for about 5 hours. I pulled another 3 gallons of water out of the carpet too. The plumber finally arrived and it took about 2 hours to fix the problem. Apparently the carpet can not be salvaged, so strong men must be hired to pack up the books, move the book cases. Then Beth & Dad will lay a tile floor in there. Good choice!

These are some of the things we saw while driving up to Mom & Dad's house. A really spectacular four car accident. I've highlighted the skid marks in red.

Then on the way home we saw these things. First is an antique souped up car. The word "Hemi" under the windows, and the W things, are the brake lights...can hardly see them when they are lit. The license plate says this is a car from 1941.
I love high tension towers. Such interesting shapes.

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