Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Journey to Wegman's

SleepyBeth's version of the story is here. But what really happened is that I said I needed a new phone so that I could twitter about Wegman's...that caused her to say she wanted to do that too and to phone Tim to set it up.

As I drove up to Wegman's (on a different trip) there was an awful lot of detergent in the road...lots of bubbles floating down the road.

Lots of cops hanging out at the grand opening of Wegmans. Here are two chatting, I mean watching the 3-way stop.
Inside, near the dairy case there is a large scale train suspended from the ceiling.

These baby pineapples were what inspired me to want to twitter about Wegmans. What's the carbon footprint on importing baby pineapples from South Africa? And how cute are they?
Here are the Truffles resting in rice. Personally, I wonder if these are actual truffles or if these are plastic (or wax, whatever) "display models" and they go to the vault if you actually want to buy one...what's the shelf life of a truffle in rice, anyway?
The seafood aisle was absolutely odorless. Now, that's either very fresh seafood ('course, why didn't I smell at least the salt water??) or the fans above the counters are very good suction devices with carbon filters. The little stack of crabs...those are listed as "live"...and some of them were still blowing little water bubbles out of their mouths. Do crabs breathe air in addition to water, or were they laying there suffocating? And how long does it take to suffocate a crab? Were some of these "live" crabs actually "passed on", "former crabs"?
The floral department smelled wonderful, with actual flower odor. Their roses all looked VERY fresh, and a dozen were $9.99...my upper limit price on a dozen roses. I love the peachy/orange ones.
They also had a whole table of orchids. My dad loves to grow these things.


Gwynne said...

Much as I love seafood, I always think twice about becoming vegetarian when I see live animals being sold for dinner. So sad.

But what a wonderful place Wegmans looks to be. We don't have such a place here, unless you count the Piggly Wiggly.

No? I didn't think so. But at least they don't make you check your gun at the front door anymore. ;-)

Lynellen said...

Yeah, Piggly Wiggly can't shake a stick at Wegmans.

If I recall correctly, we did most of our regular food shopping at Piggly Wiggly when I was growing up... going to the Safeway in town was a rare treat.