Sunday, April 06, 2008

Makeup to go with this season's bright colored clothes

According to the article linked above, bright "candy colored" clothes are fashionable this Spring season. The article gives a few ideas on how to update your makeup to complement your new clothes.

"Strong, bold lips." Try Mary Kay's new "Red"'s supposed to work with any skin tone! If you like your lips on the pink side, try the new "Hibiscus" lipstick. If you like the Berry shade family, try either "Berry Kiss" (all skin tones) or "Rich Fig" (beige and bronze skin). If you like your lips in the Chocolate shade family, try "Nutmeg". "Sunburst" is a bold shade in the Tawny family.

The article recommends that you don't match your lip color to your outfit, but that its okay to match your eye color to your outfit. For a smokey eye that matches any wardrobe, try the new Mineral Eye Colors in Honey Spice (as a highlighter), Sienna (as a midtone), and Navy Blue (as the accent.) Go here for tips on how to apply your eye makeup to complement the shape of your eyes.

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