Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hillwood House Museum & Gardens

Today we took a lovely afternoon to tour the Hillwood House Museum & Gardens that belonged to Marjorie Merriweather Post, in Washington DC, NW.

Lots of colored pansies in the walkway borders:
The front of the house, with an angel statue in the middle of the circular driveway.
No pictures allowed inside the house. I loved the Russian Porcelain Room, which isn't on the website walkthrough. The Pavillion is also quite nice. Back outside, we next toured the Greenhouse on the way to the cafe.The greenhouse had lots of orchids and other exotic flowers.

After the greenhouse, again the walkways are lined with flowers. Tulips here:
Then we ate at the cafe. Their chilled borscht was quite nice, with lots of garlic. We also had a WAY overpriced Royal Tea. For $20 you get a small glass of either champaign, chardonnay, or sherry, plus a lunch plate with a small scone, a teaspoon of clotted cream, a small croissant with chicken salad in it, two cookies out of a box, a few grapes, and a tart cup with a scoop of marmalade in it, plus a pot of tea.
Next we toured the remaining gardens. First was the adironack cabin. I think the details look Elvish.Next was the Dacha. I love the onion dome chimney stacks, and the eagle-shaped snow things on the roofline.

More colorful walkways. Not pictured is the pet cemetary... very nice tombstones for all the dogs the family had had over the years... and it was a LOT of dogs!

Next was the Japanese garden. Here's a cricket watching the waterfall.

This is the back of the house (more impressive than the front, I think) and the Luna lawn. Turn around and you can see the top of the Washington monument.
Primeroses along the walkway:
Apparently I didn't take any photos of the Rose garden (no roses blooming yet, just more tulips), but here is the French Parterre.

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Janie said...

you made some ground, there! Beautiful pix, thanks for sharing!!