Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Sarah Connor Chronicles in the House

Well, we watched the premiere episode of the Sarah Connor Chronicles since we're big Sci-Fi fans and mightily enjoy the Terminator movies. We were underwhelmed but decided to give a chance and put it on the DVR schedule. Beth said she and Tim were enjoying it immensely. Which should have been our first clue... there's so much on TV that we just have different tastes about. This is another case in point. This week was episode happened to episodes 2 and 3? They are missing in the bit-void. So we didn't even finish episode was just too corny with overtrumped drama and the robotic acting of Summer Glau. We enjoyed her acting somewhat in the Firefly series and in Serenity. But she plays the same dead-faced crazy-in-the-head robot here that she played in Firefly. At least this time she has awesome makeup and uber-hip clothing. Strike one show off the DVR list!!

We were also extremely annoyed at the blasted Souper Boll game... or, more exactly, the after-game commentary which ran over by 30 minutes and thus caused the DVR to only get the first half of House. At least we can watch the rest of the episode online for free. Now tell me this, how come the DVR can't KNOW that House was late in starting and adjust accordingly???

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