Friday, January 04, 2008

Book Review: Capitol Reflections

Just posted this review at, of a forthcoming book called Capitol Reflections, a thriller about genetically modified foods (in this case, coffee):

This review is of the uncorrected pre-print review copy. I love fiction that does a bit of educating while it entertains. I found "Capitol Reflections" to be quite a page-turner, comparable in several ways to books by Michael Crichton and Robin Cook. Is it a perfect book? Of course not. But I enjoyed it none the less. I found the pace to be pretty consistent throughout the story, with just a few side paths that didn't seem to add to the main plot. While they added a bit of evilness to some characters, they weren't really necessary. I loved how we heard the thoughts of several main characters at the beginning, but as the team of investigators grew we stop hearing inside heads and the characters became more flat. Some of the escapes from doom were fantastic, but not quite as implausible as a Clive Cussler book or a James Bond film. While politics were certainly involved, I didn't find them to be overwhelming or offensive. I will definitely give this author another chance should he write further books.

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