Thursday, December 27, 2007

Review of "Fire Ice" by Clive Cussler

Here's the review I just posted on Amazon for Clive Cussler's book Fire Ice. This is one of a stack of Cussler books I got for a birthday present this year.

While this definitely is not one of Cussler's best books, it still is great beach reading. The prolog tells how a single survivor of the Romanov ruling family escapes death, and this is the setup for the bad-guy later in the book..he's planning to claim Romanov heritage in order to reclaim the throne of Russia and build his own world-spanning empire. To help this plan out, he has devised a method of creating tsunamis that can be focused on a target. He plans to destroy most of the U.S. east coast in order to keep America busy while he solidifies his empire. Enter Kurt Austin to foil his evil plans.

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Anonymous said...

bullshit review. you must have sucked at english