Monday, December 17, 2007

Back to Square Zero

Well, Tera has been on her twice-daily medicine for over a month now... it seems to perhaps have helped some, but has not taken care of the problem (whatever that is!). She got sick again 36 days after the last time, which is longer than previous cycles so maybe thats a good thing. However, we went ahead and did the bloodwork ...sent it off to the vet school at Texas A&M. The vet called today and said her bloodwork is all perfect.. no bacteria overgrowth, no pancreatitus. Nothing.

So we're back to the "Its all in her head" other words, Tera makes herself sick somehow on a regular basis b/c she's shy. Hmm. The vet recommends she gain some confidence by going to obedience school, and that maybe that will reduce her cycle of illness. We'll think about it.

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