Sunday, November 25, 2007

America's Next Top Dog Model - Week Three

The life of a busy super dog model can be pretty demanding. Here, Terabyte waits at the vet's office and reviews her daily planner.

Here she waits for the vet and eyes the exit door watching for her chance to bolt. She is of course always watching her girlish figure, thus the diet coke.

Next on the daily schedule is some hard-earned beauty napping. Tera likes to sleep with her head in the "cave" under the desk (with or without a comfy bed)...this of course helps to reduce UV damage to her skin.
In this photo shoot, Tera is supposed to be modeling her new tshirts made from cut up baby creepers. There's a dark pink one that says "What baby wants, baby gets!" and this light pink one says "I don't have to be good ... I'm cute!" And thus the look that says "Oh please, enough photos already and by the way get me out of these clothes!"

Tera's photo shoot also involved a public service announcement reminding everyone to wear your seat belt whenever you are in the car.

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