Wednesday, October 10, 2007

America's Next "Top Dog" Model, Week 2

This week on America's Next "Top Dog" Model, Terabyte had two photo shoot challenges.

The first photo shoot was a U.S. Navy recruiting poster.

In these shots, Terabyte showcases her Cylon heritage. Like the Colonial military which unknowingly has Cylons serving in top ranks (but would throw them out the airlock if they were discovered), the U.S. military pleads for "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" when it comes to Cylon heritage, so keep those glowing eyes under wraps for this shoot.

Much better on the glowing eyes, and Tera shows that she can take direction from the photographer.

Next Tera had to strut her stuff on set at the Vet's office. Terabyte needed to portray confidence and fearlessness in a setting that can cause lesser mammals to quiver and quake. Let's see how she did.

Looking cool, calm, and collected, but we need more variation of pose and facial expression.

Finally, a top model is sometimes a spokesperson and needs to be able to sell product. Tera's final challenge in the Veterinarian office photo shoot was to sell tasty liver treats for an ad campaign.

Tera, the left-sided profile is pretty, but we need more variation of facial expression. You've really nailed the end-of-runway body poses though! However, the tasty liver treat is virtually invisible... you have to remember to work all elements together ... face, body, and product.

Nice smile, good energy, fierce eyes, but need more emphasis on the tasty liver treat. Sell it!

Yes! A perfect shot! Great body language, fierce face, and you really sell that tasty liver treat! Good girl!

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beth said...

Excellent shots! I'm voting for Tera!