Friday, September 28, 2007

America's Next "Top Dog" Model

Mooooooove over, Tyra Banks, cuz here comes TeraByte!

Tera and I have spent some "quality time" watching reruns of ANTM and Tera has really learned a lot. Since she has already started her modeling career here, she wanted to step up her game.

In today's photo shoot, Tera had to portray the spoiled princess by showing how carefree her day is, lounging on comfy beds and pillows. As a member of the working-dog group, I'm sure it took a lot of concentration for her to pull off this look of decadent laziness. Let's see some of her best shots:
This is a great shot because the wind-in-the-hair look is very sleek. Also, being outdoors reminds the viewer that Tera is a sheep-herder by genetics. However, the pose is very static, and we don't really envision her running although I've seen her run like a hurricane wind when off-camera. By standing still though, Tera does play into the goal of the shoot by being a princess that does not chase sheep..that's for the peasants.

Next we moved indoors to the set for today's photo shoot. Above is Tera's best "beauty shot" which is always just of the face. Tera needs to remember to keep her chin down a bit more so that we dont look straight up her nostrils. Fierce eyes; but a touch of a smile would help.

Tera started the photo shoot looking a little posed and stiff. Maybe she needs to review a few more episodes of ANTM, and thus the remote control.

Sticking with the prop for a few more shots, Tera shows us a good 3/4 profile.

A great profile shot, but (as Janice Dickenson would say), she looks like an amputee. Tera, be more aware of your body and be sure to show us all your limbs.

Next was a great over-the-shoulder shot. Again Tera looks like an amputee, but the rest of the shot is great, so you don't notice as much. Another note is to remind Tera that this shoot is taking place on planet Terra, where Cylons are a minority. While you want to be proud of your Cylon heritage, you also need to appeal to a variety of viewers, some of whom hate the Cylons.

I think Tera was trying to channel "swimsuit on the beach" for this one.

This one says either "come hither, you servant" or "leave me alone already!" Not sure which, but we can definitely see the relaxed laziness factor making an appearance, and either attitude definitely plays into the "spoiled princess" look.

Similar to above, yet with subtle variation. Tera is showing some true versatility of look to her body and face in this shot. Some more great shots with versatility of pose:

Full-blown spoiled princess look next, with multiple pillows as backdrop.
More pillow-prop shots next up:

Then Tera paused the shoot to take an urgent call from her manager.

Finally we took some shots where Tera is laying ON the pillow instead of using it as a backdrop and prop:
Oh, no! I think the diva fell asleep during the photo shoot!

Spoiled princess is one thing, but if you don't have the stamina to stay awake through the whole photo shoot, you may find yourself kicked out of the competition for America's Next "Top Dog" Model!

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beth said...

Some of those pillow shots are a little too "Men's Magazine" - she needs to "watch her hoochie" (in the words of Tyra Banks.)