Friday, August 31, 2007

Day Seven, New Mexico - Onward to Taos

Our last day in Los Alamos. First we finished driving around parts of town we hadn't seen yet. There are some completely amazing huge houses with incredible views, for sale for about $450,000. Yikes!

On this day we finally got around to seeing the Bradbury Science Museum in Los Alamos.

Then we had lunch with our hosts, said goodbye to the dogs they were puppy-sitting, and rode out of town. This is the puppy, about 4 months old and HUGE. Burmese Moutain dogs.

The sign leaving town, out the main hill road.

The scary main hill road.

We took the river road to Taos again. We checked into our hotel, the historic Sagebrush Inn.

Then we walked around the Taos plaza.
And bought some white-chocolate almond bark from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.

Next we drove out to the Rio Grande River Gorge Bridge. Here is some of the gorge.

Here is the bridge, 653 feet above the river.We couldn't bring ourselves to walk out to even the first observation platform. We made it just to where the bridge is no longer over land at all. This is what you can see at that point.
I love this sign: "No Vending on Highway Right of Way", just behind several vendors. Maybe they don't read English?
Next we had dinner at Orlando's New Mexican Cafe.

As we came out of dinner, there was this incredible rainbow.

Here you can see a faint outer rainbow.
And here you can see repeats of the green/blue/purple stripes. I've never seen anything like it.

Video panorama of the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge outside Taos.

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