Thursday, August 30, 2007

Day Five, New Mexico

Today we chatted over breakfast and eventually headed out through White Rock to Bandelier.

As you leave Los Alamos, there are neat signs. If you pull off to the scenic overlook, you can see this view:
The road seemed very long and I don't remember the scary cliffs from before. The visitors center now also has a gift shop and a snack grill. There seems to be less parking. The park trail itself has changed very little. We did the main loop trail (1.2 miles) including the nature trail so that we could walk back in the shade. The creek was very low with just a few inches of water.
Afterwards we drove around Santa Fe.

The road to Santa Fe is now a two-lane each direction divided freeway. Here's one of the decorated overpasses.
Camel Rock looks about the same. Across the freeway is a new casino and there are more being built in the area.
In Santa Fe we drove past the Opera, around the main streets, around the plaza, saw the Palace of the Governors, La Fonda and up to Museum Hill. We stumbled across Furr's Cafeteria which was always a treat. Then we explored the back streets with all of the small galeries and boutiques. Then we headed back to Los Alamos for the evening, stopping in Pojaque to buy a beautiful pot by Madeline Naranjo and Andy Garcia. Photo of that later, as it is a Christmas gift for Mom.

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