Friday, June 22, 2007

Seven Random Things

Beth tagged me for the "7 random things" meme, what a shock! So here we go:
  1. I enjoy Long Island Iced Tea, Diet Pepsi Twist, and Coke Zero. I detest plain water - it upsets my stomach. (Does this count as one or two random things?)
  2. My desk is always messy no matter how hard I try to clean it up.
  3. I have until January 2009 to finish my PhD. At that point my school will stop supporting my program and get rid of it. No pressure.
  4. I like Boston Creme pie and donuts.
  5. I'm normal, just not average.
  6. I prefer cool temperatures over heat ... you can always warm up with hot cocoa or a blankie, but there's very few ways to cool down once you're overheated.
  7. (Last one, whoohoo!) The hardest thing about running my businesses is keeping on top of the taxes.

I'll tag Mike to post this on his blog, but I know he wont. I'll also tag Allison b/c she hasnt posted in a long time; and Sarah, but I dont think she reads my blog to know she's been tagged.

1 comment:

The Camping Machine by The Family Man said...

I am with you on the Creme Pie and the donuts.