Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Show me the money!

My mom is really into geneaology. She has input our history into Here's some of the people I'm related to...where's my share of the inheritance?!?

The person I'm related to is on the left, with the person in my geneaology that makes the tie in parenthesis to the right.

United States Presidents families:
John F. Kennedy (Agnes Cunningham 1516-1550),
Jackie Kennedy (Alexander Lindsay 1387-1453),
William Henry Harrison, Benjamin Harrison (Jane Stewart 1505-),
Elizabeth Wallace Truman (Hugh Campbell 1550-1622),
Chester A. Arthur's sister, Mary McElroy (JaneStewart 1505-),
Caroline Scott Harrison, wife of Benjamin Harrison (JamesHamilton 1475-1529),
Jane Appleton Pierce, Mrs. Franklin Pierce (ObadiahHolmes 1607-1682),
James Buchanan (Robert Stewart 1340-1420)

Signers of the Declaration of Independence:
John Witherspoon (NJ),
CharlesCarroll of Carrollton (MD) (James Hamilton 1475-1529),
Robert Morse,
GeorgeRoss (PA) (Margaret Hepburn 1456-1542),
George Wythe (VA) (John Lindsay1400-1482),
Button Gwinnett (Joan de Geneville 1286 -1356),
George Clymer(PA) (Margaret Kennedy 1472-1500),
Caesar Rodney (DE) (Joan de Geneville1286 -1356)

Werner Von Braun (Isabell Wallace 1472-1530),
Isaac Newton 1643-1727 (Richard Wydeville 1412-1469),
Edward Hubbell (Marjorie Bruce1297-1316),
Robert Boyle (Joan de Geneville 1286 -1356)

Robert Louis Stevenson (Isabell Drummond 1531- 1567),
Sir WalterScott (Elisabeth Arnot 1430-1460 & Margaret Stewart 1370-1456),
James M.Barrie (Elizabeth Gordon 1444-1500),
Lucy Maude Montgomery (Margaret JaneStewart 1497-1517),
Henry David Thoreau (John Lindsay 1400-1482),
Alexandre Dumas (Jean de Bourgogne 1371-1419),
Robert Graves (John Drummond1438-1519),
Gore Vidal (Elizabeth Crichton 1410-1479),
Louisa May Alcott (Margaret Fryer 1594-1674),
Alfred Lord Tennyson (Richard De Clare(1222-1262),
Clement Moore (Katherine Hyde 1608-1682)

Mayflower passengers:
Edward Tilly (Elizabeth Plantagenet 1466-15 03),
John Tilly

Margaret I of Denmark 1353-1412, wife of James III of Scotland (Henrich I Von Holstein 1258-1304),
Anna of Russia 1693-1740 (Ealdgyth Aglithia Northumberland 1020-1086)

Reese Witherspoon,
Laurence Olivier (Elizabeth Boyd 1458-1498),
MaeWest (William Hamilton 1504 -1569),
Audrey Hepburn (Johana Moray 1350-1409),
Greta Garbo (Olaf Eriksson 950-1022),
James Dean (Janet Fleming 1351-1430)

Pretty Boy Floyd,
John Peters Ringo (James Hamilton 1423-1479)

John Fremont (Exporter - Isabell Drummond 1531- 1567),
Ty Cobb(Baseball player - Mariot Murray 1411-1445),
Diego Velázquez (Artist -1599-1660),
Lyman Hall (GA) Continental Congress (Joan De Geneville1286-1356)

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunetely, we're related. Instead of trying to have some self dignity, and dignity for our lineage, you take the opportunity to make a socio-political statement on your homepage? Let's try and be fine examples of the families who settled this land by doing some real homework(i.e. work hard by doing actual research) on what being an American is. I'm sure you'll never find the answer, and I won't give it to you. You're already lost in the maisma of destroying the fabric of our wonderful nation. But be happy! You're an American Idol!
William Kleppel