Wednesday, January 10, 2007

PetSmart money vacuum

Today I stopped by the PetSmart money vacuum to buy a few things for our pampered princess. One of which was a dog bed so that we didnt have to lug her kennel up and down stairs every day. The first dog bed I bought was too big.. the next was too small.. oh, wait...thats a fairy tale. The first dog bed I bought had dead flour worms and their mess in it. The only remaining one of its kind also had worms. So I traded it in for a fleece pad with a raised lip instead of the softwall kind... it was sealed in plastic so there were no worms. (Plus it was $7 cheaper). Opened it up, placed it in Tera's favorite cubby hole, and she knew JUST what to do with it! I'm so excited.. Prince had to be trained how to lay in his old bed but Tera's a smart puppy!

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beth said...

Good girl! Such a smart little baby princess! :)