Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Alphabet Meme

I haven't posted in a long time (duh), but Beth tagged me, so I'm it. What's cool is that I can copy and paste her answers and then just edit a bit.

A - Available/Single? Nope. Coming up on 8 years of marriage.
B - Best Friend? Mike.
C- Cake or Pie? Hmmm.. its tough... probably French Silk Pie.
D - Drink Of Choice? Coke Zero in the a.m., Fresca in the p.m.
E - Essential Item You Use Everyday?
F - Favorite Color? You know, my answer to this really always depends on "for what?" My favorite color to wear is black - it's very flattering on me. In certain situations I love green. Blue is always a winnner.
G - Gummy Bears Or Worms? Ugh. Bears I guess, but I'd prefer neither.
H - Hometown? I tell people that "this is probably home now, but I grew up in New Mexico".
I - Indulgence? Boooooooooks! (Yeah, I stole that one from Beth who stole it from Susie, but she put it just exactly right!)
J - January Or February? February. First, I love saying Feb-ROOO-ary. It's just fun. Second, it's unique amongst months and that is always a good thing (to be unique among your kind.)
K - Kids & Their Names? One angel-kid, unnamed. One angel-pet Princely Comfort whom we are still mourning.
L - Life Is Incomplete Without? Books.
M - Marriage Date? December 1998.
N- Number Of Siblings? 1 sister.
O - Oranges Or Apples? Ummmm....depends. If they're the really huge naval oranges with the thick skin that after you peel are still the size of a softball, than oranges. If they're the oranges you can find up here (which are basically just juice oranges as far as I can tell) then I guess apples.
P - Phobias/Fears? Being rear-ended by large cars and dump trucks.
Q - Favorite Quote? quote of the day for me is "We've been married 5 years." "Six." "Five or six years." (name that movie for a bonus point)
R - Reason to Smile. I know that my Redeemer lives.
S - Season? Fall. Or Spring. I'm happy with either. I hate winter and summer.
T - Tag Three People? I dont think I know three people with blogs who also read my blog that haven't already done this, but I'll put down Allison and Mike
U - Unknown Fact About Me? I have tried several times in my life to dye/bleach my red hair into platinum blonde... everyone thinks I'm crazy.
V - Vegetable you don't like? shorter list is the ones I like.
W - Worst Habit? I get angry pretty easily.
X - X-rays You've Had? Ankle, fingers, arm/wrist, teeth, neck, spine, skull. (Hey, Beth, you had your skull xrayed for Stack, right?)
Y - Your Favorite Food? Cheese. I could live solely on cheese.
Z - Zodiac Sign? Leo.

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