Sunday, October 08, 2006

Powder Room Complete

I think its been like 8 weeks, but the redo of the powder room is complete. (as soon as the door paint finishes drying and the door is rehung, but you get the point).

Before (in yellow walls) and After (in blue walls).

My sister did an OUTSTANDING job on laying the tile and grouting. BIL helped install the vanity along with Dad. Mike attached the sink pipes by himself (and they WORK!). And the plumber did the toilet work ... for SEVERAL hundred dollars.

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Stephen Verbit said...

Wow! The new bathroom is so nice! But aren't you going to miss the fluffy toilet seat cover and the matching towel? I'm sure that spray can of Lysol could come in handy from time to time! Congratulations! Great job on that tile too!