Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Hobbit Diet

No, the Hobbit Diet doesn't mean you eat Hobbits ... nasty thought, you troll. I know you were trying to decide whether to squish them to jelly or to boil them.

Actually, I was refering to the tons of meals. The Hobbits probably don't eat small meals any time of day, but if you were to take the structure and reduce the meal size it would look like this:
7 am - Breakfast (protein bar, for example)
9 am - Second Breakfast (fruit serving)
11 am - Elevenzies (dairy serving)
1 pm - Luncheon (salad plus protein & carb sandwich for example)
3 pm - Afternoon tea (fruit serving)
5 pm - Dinner (salad)
6 pm - Supper (protein and carb)

Now you're eating like a Hobbit and also following the advice of smaller meals.

Just a thought.


beth said...

Cute. Probably would help lose weight too...except for the fact that you're carrying bags and bags of food with you everywhere you go.

Heh - word verification subzs - as in, "I'd like subzs for lunczs."

Lynellen said...

Actually, carrying bags and bags of food around is a weight-bearing exercise that aids in losing weight :)