Sunday, July 16, 2006

End of the World

This week's "let's move" escapism destination brought to you by the latest crisis in the Middle East. We're "moving" to Sedalia, Missouri. The location has a number of benefits:

  1. The latitude is south "enough" for me. Neither Mike nor I love cold weather, but more importantly, I need sunlight. The Sedalia city website says their July temp averages 78 degrees. That's a little hard to believe, but whatever.
  2. It's "near" a major city ... just a quick 94 miles (smile) from Kansas City; or 60 miles from Jefferson City; or 117 miles from Springfield.
  3. It has an airport, a community college, and a 180-bed regional hospital right there in town.
  4. It's just 20 minutes from Whiteman Air Force Base, which has a commisary, BX, and medical.
  5. Finally, there are farms for sale. I figure we'll need some row crops, a small herd of dairy cows, some meat cows, and some chickens. A few sheep would be fun. No horses.

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