Saturday, June 03, 2006

Immigration Policy

There's been a lot of furor over immigration recently. Perhaps we should follow Japan's policy. They just hit a new record low birth rate of 1.25. To replace existing population a country needs a birth rate of 2.1. According to the article, South Korea's birthrate is 1.08; the global average is 2.6; and the average of "developed countries" is 1.6.

To address this problem, Japan's Justice Ministry is recommending that they increase the number of foreigners allowed in Japan: from 1.2% of total population to 3%. Why don't they want foreigners? Foreigners lead to "higher crime rates and other social ills."

So, if America had a 3% total foreigner rate, that would be ... 295,734,134 * .03 = 8,872,024 people. Total. According to the US Diplomatic Mission to Germany, in "2000, the USA population included 31.1 million foreign-born persons (that is 11.1 % of the total population.)" Amnesty for 12 million illegal immigrants would definitely not be a good idea under the Japan policy.

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