Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Taking my own advice

Recently I was talking to a gal who had been to the emergency room because she was having false labor pains. They decided she was dehydrated and anemic. So she and I were discussing nutrition, and in particular we were talking about how MUCH water everyone is supposed to drink every day. I rarely drink straight water ... mostly I drink diet sodas.

Wouldn't you know it, the day after that conversation I got another kidney stone attack. One of the possible causes of kidney stones is dehydration, and that was certainly the cause of my first-ever attack in 2001. The tips on prevention are interesting: more fluids, more fiber, less beef/pork/poultry (not going to happen!), more calcium (more dairy? excellent!), less dark green veggies/nuts/chocolate, less salt. The 'bad' part of dark green veggies/nuts/chocolate is that they are high in oxalate. Foods high in oxalate also include: rhubarb, tea, cola, wheat bran (sorta contradicts the 'get more fiber' thing, doesn't it?), cranberries, beans, coffee. My personal diagnosis of this latest attack was: too little fluids, too much chocolate... I've been having chocolate cravings.

So I will try again to drink more water, but I don't like it. The 64 ounces a day gives me a painful acid stomach every time... maybe I'm like the fish in "Finding Nemo" who is H2O intolerant :)

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beth said...

Start with 32 oz. Work from there. Don't go straight to water-bloat. But I vote for giving it a shot - kidney stones are bad.