Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Last time I had the croup

I think most sports on TV are a waste of time. I think the last time I watched an entire game of football was when I was 9 years old, in an oxygen tent at the hospital because I had the croup.

This weekend, Dad was feeling restless and didn't want to watch the Super Bowl at home, so Mom and Dad came over and we watched the game on our Sony Wega. We were all cheering for the Seattle Seahawks. Me because I like blue better than yellow. Mom & Dad because they lived in Seattle for a few years (a long time ago... before Seattle had its own football team). Mike because he "always cheers for the underdog".

We all think that that Pittsburgh touchdown was baloney... you know the one I mean ... the one with the formal review.

But anyway. The following commercials made my Dad laugh until he was coughing and that's hard to do.

1) FedEx

2) AmeriQuest

3) Diet Pepsi

4) Sprint

We also thought the baby clydesdale horse was cute. Someone in the room might have had moist eyes, but I wont say who.

The MacGyver commercial was cute, but I was amazed at how much weight Richard Dean Anderson has put on since he left Stargate SG-1 a year ago. He's looking fat, old, and tired. ... Kinda reminded me of how William Shatner is looking these days. Very disappointing. Of course, the day that I read up on RDA's life history was disillusioning too. The most recent disillusionment was with the life of Michael Shanks, who plays Daniel Jackson on Stargate SG-1. I wanted both of these guys to have a good life story ... something that would make them a role model ... but they dont.

Whew! Well, I've watched my football game for the next 25 years...next up will be SuperBowl 65 in 2031!

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