Tuesday, February 14, 2006


My dog loves "Greenies" treats. They're supposed to help with bad breath and with cleaning teeth. Today there's a CNN article titled Owners: Dog treats killed our pets. The article says that chunks of Greenies can become lodged in the dog's esophagus or intestine, killing the dog. Dr Brendan McKiernan, a board-certified veterinary internal medicine specialist is quoted as saying that Greenies are the third biggest cause of esophageal obstruction in dogs behind: bones and ... FISH HOOKS.

Now, I ask you.... FISH HOOKS???!? Can someone -please- explain to me why a dog is chewing on /anything/ that has a fish hook in it????


beth said...

You mean I wasn't supposed to buy that big bag of fish hooks for the dogs? It said, "Hours of fun for you pup!" on it. Maybe someone should hold people accountable for their advertising. ;)

Anonymous said...

You laugh, but I have removed fish hooks from a 40 yo female person. why not a dog.