Wednesday, February 22, 2006

7 Songs on my playlist Meme

Uncle Lyndon tagged me for a meme, so here we go. The meme is about "what 7 songs are in your playlist". Like Lyndon, and unlike Beth, I don't have an iPod. On the other hand, like Beth, I do have an entire computer/server that is dedicated to being a "ditty server" at home. We just use Windows Media Player and the shuffle function. So the next 7 songs on our ditty server shuffle would be:
1. "Stay" by Madonna
2. "The Eyes of Love" by Undercover
3. "Somebody's Calling Your Name" by David Meece
4. "It Is Done" by Mastadon
5. "God Put a Smile on Your Face" by Coldplay
6. "Fray" by Staind
7. "Not Sorry" by the Cranberries

I don't really have anyone to tag next for this ... Mike and I use the same playlist, amazingly enough :)

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