Tuesday, February 08, 2005

What made me cry today:

"One of my Bangor Daily News colleagues, Lisa Reed, and her 9 year old daughter had a scary experience on the way to work one day last month. As Lisa attempted to get off the I-395 Exit #3 onto Main Street in Bangor, she realized the exit had been plowed in and, before she knew it, her car had stalled and was sitting in very deep snow. She put on her hazard lights to alert other drivers she was suck, and her daughter, in the back seat, asked what they were going to do.

Lisa told her someone would stop and help. Unfortunately, they waited and waited, as several privately owned trucks with plows passed and plowed them in even more. As more cars and large trucks passed, Lisa began to worry that they might get hit from behind.

Just as she was getting out her cell phone to call for help, a black pickup pulled into the snowbank in front of them. The driver approached and told her not to worry; he would shovel her out. It took the man a good 15 minutes to do so. As Lisa tried to thank him, asking for his name and phone number, he just said it was OK and that his name was Steve. That was when her daughter made a startling comment. "Mom, I guess God really does send us angels when we need them. That man's name was Steve!"

It took Lisa a minute or two to realize what her daughter really meant. Her 9 year old daughter's dad died when she was very young, and his name was Steve. To the Guardian Angel Steve in the black truck, Lisa Reed thanks you so much for helping them when no one else would. "

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