Wednesday, May 05, 2004

What I'm reading today:

I'm still an ISTJ today. But the only clear part is the "I" ... all the others are nearly 50/50 and could shift at any moment ;)

Introverted (I) 67.65% Extroverted (E) 32.35%
Realistic (S) 50% Imaginative (N) 50%
Intellectual (T) 50% Emotional (F) 50%
Organized (J) 51.28% Easygoing (P) 48.72%
Your type is: ISTJ
You are a Trustee, possible professions include - management,accounting, auditing, efficiency expert, engineer, geologist, bank examiners, organization development, electricians, dentists, pharmacist, school principals, school bus drivers, file clerk, stock broker, legal secretary, computer operator, computer programmer, technical writer, chief information officer, police officer, real estate agent.
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