Monday, April 12, 2004

What I'm reading today:

I can't recall reading about any evil human wizards yet in this series. Unlike the Harry Potter series. In Diane Duane's series, wizards are around to support life, to stop evil. I think that the only evil I've read about is the Evil One, and those he tricks/enslaves/inhabits. But he is stoppable. Wizzards are asked to choose to make a sacrifice to fight him.

The theory of the all-volunteer military of America is similar ... ideally, every single one of our airmen, sailors, soldiers, and marines has contemplated their choice to enlist, knowing that they may be asked to sacrifice some or all of their blood in a fight that they did not choose. A fight to slow down the advance of evil in all of its guises. I wish that more people understood this. And that more parents understood that sometimes their sons and daughters -have- made this choice willingly. I cant imagine how much it hurts to have your child killed while serving in the military. But it makes me sick to see parents in grief being used by the media to make a political point. But using people in grief is one of the things the media does best.

The military has tried to create "benefits" that will entice people to enlist voluntarily. But if you're -only- signing up to get the benefits and are going to gripe the first second you have to pay a price...then I have very little sympathy for your complaint. There are a lot of easy ways to get money for college besides being in the National Guard.

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