Tuesday, March 16, 2004

CNN has an artice titled "Company: Frozen Lobsters Come Back To Life" where they talk about how this company immerses lobsters in a brine at -40 degrees... some of the lobsters (12 of 200) survived this temperature overnight and were aroused as they warmed up just before they were cooked for dinner.

This is another case of "I dont want to know where my food comes from" for me. Lobsters must have pain receptors. Does the super-cooled water hurt them as much as it would hurt us? Are they in agony all night? How much does boiling water hurt? For how long?

I'm naive, but I like to imagine that my food is killed/slaughtered humanely.... meaning as quickly and painlessly as possible ... Maybe by a broken neck, or something. On the other hand, it hurts to suffocate to death after your neck is broken and you cant tell your lungs to breathe.

Does this make me want to be a vegetarian? Not at all! It just puts me in ostrich mode, where I spend energy -not- thinking about how food gets to my plate.

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