Thursday, May 30, 2002

on saturday (from 5pm until 1am sunday morning), i did a ride-along with the county police. it was a BLAST. i loved it, adored it. highly tempting to apply to police academy. here's what we did:

- took a report on a kid's stolen bike, and did a search for it. during the search we checked a park and found a bike that was a possible match, but then had to drop it b/c we were called to...
- a bomb threat at a CompUSA store. we did traffic control and evacuation for 1.5 hours.
- next we went to a report of 3 teens yelling and fighting and talked to them
- then there was a pit bull dog loose in a neighbor's yard scaring the party guests, but as we pulled up to the house we got called on ..
- a 911 call where the guy managed to give his address and then got disconnected and the dispatcher couldnt get any further answer at the residence. so we backed out of the driveway and turned on the lights and the sirens and TOOK OFF down the road... for about 10 seconds. the police cars who were closer had been busy but when they heard the description of the call, they dropped what they were doing and took the call away from us. oh well. so we returned to the pit bull and had another neighbor take the dog home.
- next was a house alarm where the lady who answered the monitoring company's call didnt know the passcode so they called the police. a neighbor confirmed that she was a friend of the owner, we wrote down her info for the report and went to our next call.
- a woman had left her boyfriend a few days ago and he had been calling her 50-60 times a day threatening her. he was even silly enough to leave the threats on her voice mail, which she played for us. so the officer called the guy and told him to stop calling, and that if anything at all happened to her, her family, or her property, that he was their prime suspect so be good.
- next we broke up a loud party where they were doing a kareoke type thing on the back deck. the officer climbed over the fence to get to that one, but i decided to just go back to the car. a canine unit was our backup on that one, and the dog was barking his head off, and pulling at the leash.
- so then we went to the officer's favorite place to catch people running a stop sign and gave two tickets in about 10 minutes.
- then we saw a guy with "unauthorized equipment" on his car... he had blue lights inside his headlights, and only police are allowed to have a blue light on their car. this guy pulled into a huge apartment complex and we lost him cuz we had to wait for traffic to pass in order to cross the road. but next we saw a pickup truck with blue lights and we gave him a ticket.
- next we pulled over a possible DUI, but the breathalyzer was totally negative. she said she had just had a fight and was upset, thus her driving badly.
- we did some parking lot patrol at a club
- we responded to another noise complaint, but it was totally deathly quiet in the whole neighborhood. the officer said that he thinks sometimes the "thugs" make a call just so they can see what kind of response times are
- we advised another officer who was making an arrest on embezzelment
- we backed up a park police guy who was responding to a "suspicious vehicle" call... was two teens making out in the back seat at a park that closes at dark.
- and we ran the plates on a truck that was parked in the woods

I LOVED it. had a BLAST. the officer said that was a really slow and boring night. :)

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